Over 40% of Medical Practice's Costs are Employee Compensation & Benefits

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Organizational Analysis

The foundation of an effective compensation strategy begins with an understanding of the Practice’s strategic plan, its specialty and the work their people perform.



  • Market & Industry Competitive Analysis

  • Review of Company Recruiting Practices and Turnover

  • Development of Position Descriptions

  • Identification of Potential Changes in Responsibilities

  • Identification and Bench-marking of Competitors Compensation



  • Comprehensive, Market Based Compensation Strategy

  • Development of Wage and Salary Ranges

  • Establishment of Performance Versus Salary Matrix

  • Creation of Bonus Plans Reflecting the Unique Requirements of each Position

Getting the Right Benefits Package at the Right Cost

We draw upon our experience to give you the most cost effective mix of benefits that best support the needs of your employees.

Benefit Plans

  • Employee Medical / Dental

  • 401k

  • Worker's Compensation

  • Section 125

  • Short / Long Term Disability

  • Employer’s Liability

  • Profit Sharing