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    M/S Shi Jia Zhuang Old Bridge Chemicals  CO., LTD. was built in 1998 .It is Iocated  in  the Zhaozhou town Industrial Zone,Zhao County  Hebei Province.The factory is north near from 308 National Highway.Thus the traffic is convenient.

    Shijiazhuang Old Bridge Chemicals CO., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer for producing pharmaceutical intermediate. The mainly  products include:Cysteamine Hydrochloride of different specifications  and the annual capacity is 5000tons,4-Methylimidazole with an annual capacity of 1200tons,Methylglyoxal with an annual capacity of 4500tons.

    Honesty, Trustworthiness, High Quality, First-class  is the business philosophy of my company.Shijiazhuang Old Bridge Chemicals CO., Ltd is looking forward to your inquiry or visit.